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Anyone on here tutor before? Experience?

So I've started tutoring on the side and have tutored 2 students so far. One several times, 1 first time. But I have noticed something in common during my fact find?

Did you read the chapters? No x 2
Have you worked any problems? No x 2
What do you need help with? Everything! x 2
Do you know how to use your calculator? No x 2

Do ya'll have any tips? I mean, I want to help them pass (I don't think they care too much about the learning part). I've tried to appeal to interest, to reason, nothing. Who buys a book and doesn't even bother to read it, especially if they have no idea what's going on? I'm getting paid pretty decent but I want to at least earn it by them passing, which seems highly unlikely. Any tips?

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