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The Speer factory Gold Dot ammo (both 53918 and 54234) are loaded to a OAL of 1.125". The Speer Gold Dot .357sig bullets are some of the hardest to feed because of the wide HP cavity. Federal HSTs, Hornady XTPs, pretty much all FMJs and etc feed smoother than Gold Dots. The HST is the best feeder I have shot through my sig guns.

The SAAMI max OAL for the .357sig is 1.140". I loaded some of my .357sig reloads to test with a new bullet and set them out to 1.150" and a few would hang up on the feed ramp on a gun that never malfunctioned before. Thus I found where OAL affects reliability, thus I shortened the OAL up.

Both my G32 and G33 have the newer barrels with the narrower feed ramp and the #2 followers and have had not malfunctions (other than my long OAL test reloads) Try some FMJ like Speer Lawman, S&B, Federal and etc to see if you have issues. The variation in OAL on the rounds you posted seems very large to me. I try to keep my reloads better than +- .003" variation from the targeted OAL.

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