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Originally Posted by tkglazie View Post
Luckily my targets dont read this forum. Many a ragged hole will attest to the fact that a Gemini 20 measures to 0.02 grains (thats Zero Point Zero Two Grains) day in and day out. Spend your money any way you like, but if the goal is to measure charges accurately and consistently, spend $22 on a Gemini 20 and compare it to whatever you own before you cast judgment. The site has a 30 day return policy so you have nothing to lose other than preconceptions.
A ragged hole proves nothing of the level of precision that you claim that this scale is capable of. Some powders will do the ragged hole thing with +/- 2 tenths of grains as dispensed through a powder throw.

I would believe that it gives weight readouts in 2/100 grain increments, but I seriously doubt that it is repeatably accurate to that level of precision. Have you ever tested the scale with check weights? I am not talking about calibration weights.

The only way to know is to verify the readings with check weights across a variety of weight ranges. Do you have check weights in hundredths of grain increments? Perhaps some photos with said check weights to prove your point?
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