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A ragged hole proves nothing of the level of precision that you claim that this scale is capable of. Some powders will do the ragged hole thing with +/- 2 tenths of grains as dispensed through a powder throw.

I would believe that it gives weight readouts in 2/100 grain increments, but I seriously doubt that it is repeatably accurate to that level of precision. Have you ever tested the scale with check weights? I am not talking about calibration weights.

The only way to know is to verify the readings with check weights across a variety of weight ranges. Do you have check weights in hundredths of grain increments? Perhaps some photos with said check weights to prove your point?
Lets back up here. A few posts ago I was being questioned (and still have not seen a retraction) about the fact that this scale even MEASURES what I said it measures, and now I am the one who needs to produce photo proof what is already been documented? Even if the scale does close to what it claims it is better than most of the "name brand" scales that start at .1 grain accuracy.

I have yet to weigh a charge or weight on this scale and have it disagree with my Lee Safety Scale (which is good for 1/20th grain, does anyone care to dispute that?)

When I load for my .32 Special (only 20 at a time), I use a dipper to get near 34 grains of H4895 and then use tweezers to drop individual grains until I get to 34.02 (for no other reason than thats the charge I used for the best group with that gun and its as easy to hit one number as another). The scale registers each grain or two as it is dropped.

Jeez, the thing costs just over $20. We all spend more than that on components in a week. Try it out, send it back if you dont like it. But until someone comes to ME with proof that this thing DOESNT do what it says, I would appreciate the benefit of the doubt. What kind of forum do we have here anyway? Check my history, have I NOT been a positive, supportive member here?

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