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Originally Posted by Rabbi View Post
I dont know what is more direct than "What makes your supernatural claims true and someone elses false...because there are faiths, older than your own, that make the same claims you do...."

The best you have answered so far is "Their supernatural claims are demons...and my(faiths) supernatural powers got rid of them..."

So, what do you say about the Hindu Priest, a faith far older than yours, who is sitting around telling someone "Yes, ghosts are real, I have personal experience with them...."
I would argue that Hinduism is an old religion, and there are religions that are older than Judaism and Christianity; however, there was once a time on the earth when there was no religion. There were only the Sons of God, and followers of Cain. That all religions have come about as a confusion about what God is, or in direct rebellion to God.

As to Hindiusm specifically, there really isn't much talk about ghosts as there is in reincarnation.

When there is confusion about what God is, or rebellion to God, there evil reigns.
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