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Originally Posted by Rabbi View Post
I see, you are incapable of looking at this through any lense but your own.

BTW, as is your general flaw anyways, (you assert no matter what the truth is) you obviously dont know much about Hinduism...but that is not going to stop you from making assertions about it.

Oh well, I am going to go back to learning about reincarnation. Which is a normal part of traditional Judaism.
Actually, I have studied the world's major religions. I have an okay grasp of Hinduism. The ultimate goal is Moksha, or the state of nonbeing, or the concept of the rain drop being invaded by the ocean. Budhism as a reform movement of Hinduism has a similar concept. All life is suffering, and the ultimate goal is to reincarnate into a state of non-existance. There really isn't mention of ghosts.

Your last comment is confusing, as I really don't know of any form of Judaism that advocates reincarnation.
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