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Originally Posted by Gonzoso View Post
For me the best part of hunting is stalking an animal.

Using woods skills, being quiet, reading the wind and knowing the animal are crucial.

I've shot deer and stuff with a rifle, and it was enjoyable.

However nothing compares to being 15 yards from a large animal and it not knowing you're there. Moving so slowly every muscle in your body is quivering and aching, and knowing that the smallest noise or visible movement will spook the animal.

Waiting for it to duck down to eat or its head to go behind a tree as your heart is pounding in your head. Then getting that split second to draw the bow, knowing that this is it, no second chances...

This is what hunting is to me.

I enjoy stalking/fieldcraft too. Both of my caribou this year were taken at less than 30 ft.

But low crawling 90 yds, for a 210 yd shot, isn't really what I'd call fieldcraft. I'll just shoot 300 yds.
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