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Originally Posted by Kingarthurhk View Post
Actually, I have studied the world's major religions. I have an okay grasp of Hinduism. The ultimate goal is Moksha, or the state of nonbeing, or the concept of the rain drop being invaded by the ocean. Budhism as a reform movement of Hinduism has a similar concept. All life is suffering, and the ultimate goal is to reincarnate into a state of non-existance. There really isn't mention of ghosts.

Your last comment is confusing, as I really don't know of any form of Judaism that advocates reincarnation.
Again, you dont know as much as you claim. Of course Jews believe in reincarnation. It is a basic tenet of traditional Judaism.

This is Aish. One of the more authoratative. mainstream traditional Jewish sites. Google will bring up plenty of others.
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