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My only experience...

I once moved out of a rented house because I believed it was haunted.
It was a temporary house we rented due to my company relocating me.
It was located in a traditional middle class neighborhood build in the 1980s.
I first noticed that my dog was acting different. He would bark while inside the house for no reason. (No one at the door – no strange noises, etc.)

My wife grew to hate the house and became afraid about staying alone there.

I’m cutting this real short to ease reading about this.

I was still traveling a lot at work and didn’t spend that much time at home…
When I did I had a recliner in the living room I used to take a nap after the long commute.
Several times while I was relaxing in my recliner in the evening I would smell this horrible whiff of something I can only describe as a dead smell and at the same time see something like a fog moving across the room out of the corner of my eyes.

One day my wife was sitting on our porch when two boys walked by. My little dog barked at them and my wife heard them call him a bad name. She wanted to let them know he was really friendly and tried to introduce him to the boys. She called them over and they made friends with our dog. (Miniature Schnauzer) In the conversation they said that our house was where two people died in the garage.

I checked it out and found that a husband had killed his wife and then killed himself by running his car in the closed garage.

I broke our lease and moved out the next week. I lost a months rent but was glad to get out of there.

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