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Posted by a friend from back home:

"Let me get this straight. Two huge men hit Matt Cassel so violently they knock him senseless in front of 70,000 people – and it is the 70,000 people who watched the attack who are sickening and disgusting?

Someone remind Winston how he makes his living. Why he lives the life he and his family lead. You are a gladiator, Eric. You are there for our expensive amusement. This is not church. This is not our place of work. This is the NFL where winners are cheered and losers suffer the scorn of their fans. Sometimes that scorn is ugly. It is simply the life you chose.

You want nice? You want polite? Go to work in an office for $50K. You want to live like a rock star? Prepare to get your ass graded harshly by those your employer fleeces each week."
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