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Choose the caliber you want. Choose if you want a fixed stock or a folding stock. From there the differences are if they have a gas block with a bayonet lug and a cleaning rod hole in it. On the ones that don't, the cleaning rod is an odd fit as it sort of has to bend around the non-military gas block bottom and it isn't held as well. Don't get one that has the non-pistol grip stock with the rearward mounted trigger. The triggers are terrible in those and sometimes even cause problems. They are made up of many little parts connected together. The ones with pistol grips have standard semi auto AK triggers.

1) Caliber

2) Fixed or Folding stock

3) Cleaning rod hole (bayonet lug) or Without

There may be models for states that require the muzzle brake be welded or not there at all.

The SLR-101 is a very nice milled receiver 7.62x39 model.
Despite some media reports, there were no AK-47s involved in the incident

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