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Originally Posted by hpracing007 View Post
They're college seniors. You'd think, "hey, if you don't pass, you don't get a bachelors degree" would motivate them (well I don't say it quite like that... maybe I should) Intro finance class, for those who are curious.

Holy poop stains

While their gray matter is still developing, for the most parts their brains now function in an adult like manner, versus the more emotional based thinking of a 17-19yr old.

With each of your charges you have to find something (or a couple of things) they really enjoy doing (outside of making out, drinking, gaming etc) and associate their progress/success of education with that.

If they are paying you to tutor them and they don't read the material they are shoving their money in a roaring furnace. When you sit with them have them read the required material out loud in short paragraphs, then do teach backs or Q & As to check for their comprehension and retention. Then if time remains, use that recent knowledge to attack questions relevant to what is read in your presence. At the very least they will leave you knowing some stuff, versus stumbling thru a session.

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