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Originally Posted by Louisville Glocker View Post
I'm a scientist. Sorry, there is no such thing as ghosts. My 4 year old believes in them, but my 9 year old has figured out that it is make-believe.

Likewise, no such thing as angels, faeries (like the tooth fairy), santa claus, the easter bunny, the devil, etc.

All that stuff is cool, and some great story telling was involved, but really folks, it isn't true!!!

You are less than 90 years old, and this earth is how old? This country in which you live was "discovered" in a time span at least six times your existence on earth.

EVERYTHING that you know has been taught to you. You were not born able to speak, to rationalize, to retain memories. Someone had to nurture you thru-out your formative years, assist you in walking, clean you, teach you the most basic and fundamental of things,

And here you are, a short 60 (if that much) years later on earth proclaiming to know it all, as it applies to religion.

I am not religious, and I'm VERY skeptical of the claims made by mainstream religions.

My wife is a devout Pentecostal Christian. She has been a Christian for over a decade. After a few minutes of earnest prayer it is very easy for her to begin "speaking in tongues". After a few days/weeks/months of being tired of this crap I decided to record what she was saying.

What I discovered were snippets and sometimes long recognizable strings of Aramaic, Vietnamese, African languages, German, some form of Cantonese, a strain of a language from Polynesia, etc etc. - never all at the same time, typically only one or two languages per instance.

The lady barely knows 5 words in French, 2 in Latin and maybe a 1/2 dozen in Spanish, and has no prior experience nor exposure to those languages (not thru TV, neighbors, etc). Where are these languages being unlocked from?


I distinctly remember one night after midnight she jumped up in bed and was pointing her hand like a gun off into space. I could not get her back in bed, and could not get her hand down...and was frankly (a frequent occurrence for me) worried that our apartment neighbors would hear and think I was assaulting her. For 5-8 minutes she continued to holler and shout with words I could not understand. Then she collapses, is crying and praying then goes back to sleep.

The next morning my step son's dad calls us to tell us a bunch of guys were chasing another guy in a gun battle the night before - at the same time my wife was going nuts. There was a running gun battle thru their house, they had to take cover behind a fridge, which got shot up. The timing of these two events and her actions (from a deep sleep) are too much of a perfect coincidence to be a coincidence, so as with what was stated above, I keep an open mind.

So... I am a skeptic of religion, but I keep an open mind that there are things science have not yet been able to define.

- G
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