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Originally Posted by CanIhaveGasCash View Post
I'm going to be headed there at the end of the month on a random vacation. Any intel on places to go, or more importantly places to avoid?
I've lived there. Downtown Albuquerque has a lot to see. However, South Albuquerque is heavily gang infested. As is typical, the zoo is in the hood, and so is the aquarium. The zoo is decent and so is the aquarium. The state fair, when it is on is in the hood. The baloonfest, if you are there for that is pretty cool, but very crowded.

Tingly colloseum usually has concerts, again, as is most anything interesting, is in South Albuquerque, with the exception of the baloonfest. If you attend a concern in tingly colloseum, get the floor seats. The bleacher seats have you wishing for an airline seat they are so tight, conjested, with hard wood chairs.

Up north of Albuquerque in Rio Rancho, they have colloseum as well, which may have events going on as well. It is relatively new. Also, north of Rio Rancho is the Jila State Park, and noth of that is Santa Fe, which is expensive, touristy, and full of liberal weirdos, like Austin, only slightly less interesting.
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