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I did tutor college kids back when I was in college too. Most of my students were student athletes and I had a good working relationship with the coaches.

Their coaches had my back. If I thought the student wasn't putting forth effort, the coaches would bench them at games. They had to keep a certain GPA to play and I didn't have too much of a problem getting effort out of them.

Without some motivating factor you may be paddling upstream. One would think that college seniors would be old enough to be motivated by a degree but that is not always the case.

if it were me, I would explain that even though I am being paid for my service, time is a valuable commodity. Without effort on the student's part, I would feel like time was being wasted.

Good luck with it. I would imagine that the frustration of it all is off the charts. I made pretty good money doing it back in the day so it would have been worth it to put up with. I had a good rep with the coaches and was known to "fix" problems. That brought in more work.

Back then, it was more of an issue of folks not knowing "how" to study and that was easy to correct. Sounds like you are dealing with laziness which will be a tough egg to crack at that age.
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