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Originally Posted by LSUAdman View Post

Budget should be less than $1000

In no particular order:
1) VEPR 16.5" in 7.62x54R with PSL/FPK scope - Been looking at these for a year and the new $200 price decrease is really appealing. I have a bunch of Mosins and ammo and I enjoy the AK action. ~$800-$1000 with scope
2) Umarex HK-MP-522 - This year I was only going to buy .22s. Didnt happen. My son is getting older, ammo is getting more expensive and this looks like a great range toy. ~$500
3) Lever action in .357 - I've never owned a lever gun and have been feeling them up a lot lately. I like pistol caliber weapons and really enjoy .357/.38sp. I could be swayed by a Mare's Leg as well. ~$400-$700
4) Ruger GP100 - I have two revolvers, but both are mil surp mementos that rarely, if ever, get shot. I thought this would be a nice addition - but my concern is that it's more practical than fun...but I would enjoy it. ~$400-500
5) Home Defense Shotgun - I havent decided on a model yet, but this is a gap in my collection. I actually looked at a Mossberg O/U 18.5" 12 gauge last night that tempted me. Suggestions? ~$400-$800?
While I love your enthusiasm here's my take on the list thus far:

1)Why not get a Saiga in .308 and slowly convert it, or a Vepr in .308? I know you already have the ammo, but what happens when your supply runs out? I think the Wolf .308 and 7.62x54r are equally priced, but if you can't get that locally .308 is literally everywhere.

2)Stay away from Umarex. You'd be better served with a GSG, or if you want the AR15 look the S&W M&P15-22. Umarex is known to put out some pretty junky stuff.

3)Totally on board with this one! PCCs are super fun, lever guns are super fun, .38/.357 is easy to roll your own, what's not to like? Have you shot lever guns before? Do you enjoy them? I know I love my .30-30...

4)Do you like shooting revolvers? If you want something more fun get something a little more oddball than the mundane GP100. It's a fine firearm, no knocking it, but I see it as more of a belt gun for a hunter than a range toy. They are built like tanks and will take nuclear .357 loads if you are so inclined. They will probably outlast 3 or 4 generations to come as well, so if you have a child that likes guns there ya go. I'd personally go with a pre-lock 686 as I like Smiths a lot more, but I wouldn't fault you for a Ruger.

5)You can get a Mossberg 500 with an 18" barrel for $200 or less at pawn shops. I just found my 24" ported turkey 500 for $165 and it's a damn fine shotgun. Unless you're looking for brand new you can do much better than the price you've posted. That way you still have money left over for mods and more toys

I'm sorry if this comes across at nitpicking, that wasn't the intention. Just trying to give another view

As far as my own personal suggestions, if I had $1k right now to buy something I would probably spend the money on a couple of collection pistols but if I had to spend it on just a "fun gun" it would probably be a nice Hi Power. I've always wanted to try one but just haven't had a chance to own one (yet!)
- Mike

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