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Originally Posted by countrygun View Post
Funny YOU of all people trying to exert intellectual superiority, and especaially on Constitutional interpretation. I won't even bother to qiuestion you on the lack of knowledge you have displayed on this very topic in the past.
Did you post my lecture on the primary system yet? Or are you just going to continue to mischaracterize my statements and hope no one looks it up to verify?

So, if you want to talk about legally accurate, has the Supreme Court struck down Any of the laws you are talking about, therefore making enforcement of them an illegal act?
WTF are you even talking about? The Preamble is not law, carries no weight of law and doesn't grant the government any powers nor restrict any other powers. I asked another poster to provide where in the Constitution the feds are granted the power to provide "public safety" and "orderly society". You said the Preamble. That's WRONG! The Preamble grants the government no right to either of those. Just admit it instead of doubling down on a bad argument and just confirming that you're clueless.

Assuming the asnwer is "no" then they DO stand as Laws (you know, legally) ergo, and until SCOTUS says different you are out there with only your interpretation, and no legal leg to stand on.
NO THEY DON'T STAND AS LAWS! YOU CAN'T ARGUE THE PREAMBLE IN COURT! What part of this do you not understand? Im guessing all of it.

Is the Preamble considered law?
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