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Originally Posted by skud_dusty View Post
I'm sorry if this comes across at nitpicking, that wasn't the intention. Just trying to give another view

No, thats what I was asking for! The advice is very appreciated! All of you gave some great advice.

So let's take the Umarex off the list. I read some fairly okay things, but honestly it was losing it's appeal.

I know a lot of you love the 15-22, and I do as well, but it's too close to my AR. I part of these Christmas purchases is to get platforms that I am not familiar with, or that I do not already have in my collection.

10/22s are very fun, and believe it or not but I only just shot my first one a few weeks ago. A friend picked his up for, get ready, $25. Bought it from a gunshop that had folded up. It was a great shooter.

To the Saiga shotguns, they always seemed to big to me for some reason. What I was thinking was something smaller - if only I had my trust set up so I could SBR one!

The GP100 suggestion plus the Mossberg sounds fun. I've been keeping an eye out for used shotguns and GPs, but havent seen anything close to being a value. This election is killing my budget.

For lever gun guys, my experience has been mostly with Henry levers. Not sure I'd want to go that direction. Not bashing Henry at all, just unsure what else is out there. What do you guys suggest for lever guns?
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