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Originally Posted by Trew2Life View Post
Georgia keeps using slavery to teach school kids math.

Politician calls slavery a 'blessing in disguise' for blacks.

Affirmative action will be front and center as the SCOTUS revisits its narrowly endorsed 2003 decision to allow colleges to factor the race of applicants into admissions decisions.

Don't think there's still discrimination in America? Wish people would just stop playing the 'race card'?

If slavery ended in the 1800's why are there still so many stereotypical and unintelligent comments and actions towards ethnicity in America today? Who/What is feeding this race-bias machine?

How do a people put the past (of slavery/racism) behind them when it's continuously being placed before them?
Slavery and racist comments/jokes have nothing to do with each other, and simply because someone heard a remark made about them, or was called a name doesn't mean they should get "reparations". Don't like it? Look into repealing the 1st amendment then.

I always say stereo types exist for a reason, think about it. It applies across the board, not with just one certain ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, etc.
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