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Originally Posted by hamster View Post
Well I finally got to the range with my Gen4 G32. Unfortunately it was a complete nightmare and I don't yet understand what is going on.

The Pistol: Gen 4 Glock 32, August 2012 build date. Came with 3 ambi-cut mags with a follower marked #2 .357/10

The Ammo: Georgia Arms Speer GDHP.

Eager to unleash some .357 at the paper target, I loaded my first mag with 10 rounds of the Georgia arms GDHP. The first round chambered with no problems. Fired nicely and extracted. Thats when the problems started. The next round got hung up on the bottom of the feed-ramp and never fed out of the magazine. So I drop the mag, make sure all the rounds are seated... rince and repeat. Same problem over and over.

Finally I tried the other mags. All three mags exhibited the same behavior. Interestingly, when I hand cycle the mag, everything extracts and feeds properly.

When I got home, I measured the cartridges from Georgia arms and found them to be ever so slightly longer than some Winchester PDX1s I had laying around possibly out of spec?

Unfortunately I didn't have any other style mags or ammo to try on this first outing with the G32.
Anyone have similar experiences? Any ideas?
very odd for a 32 to have problems. I would try other ammo before blaming your 32.
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