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Mitt is up 9% with Women voters celebrities are comming out in favor of him and the tide is begining to turn. Even the MSM seems to be aware that the Obama Dog don't hunt.
Mitt left the debate with enough issues left on the table to give Barry another verbal beat down. If he goes ugly early and tries to become to "tough" on Romney look for something like
Fast and Furious
The Economy
Gas Prices,..$5.00 + gallon in Cali
The embassy in Libya asking for more security before our Abassador and security were killed
Mitt left all of that on the table and it will all work against Obama. As soon as he opens his mouth he is very likely to get one of these issues thrown back at him and again he wont make eye contact and wont have a teleprompter and again will look like the loser.
Anxiously looking forward to Ryan making hay of Biden Thursday.
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