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Originally Posted by Cavalry Doc View Post
Those that cannot see the difference are blind.
Sounds like identity politics to me. Only sighted people can see the difference? One is white, one is black. One has white people hair, other has short curly black people hair. Ignore that they both have similar records and rhetoric, just pay attention to what you can see and make your choice!

The ability to examine a situation and make difficult choices is an adult trait, and often leads to a successful life.
LOL, says the person that gets all of his information from two sources, Fox News and GTPI.

Originally Posted by The Maggy View Post

Mitt Romney won the debate against Obama... but how does he stack up in the biggest match-up of this election; Mitt Romney vs. Mitt Romney?
This is who Im expected to vote for? Romney and Obama insult my intelligence with this sort of blatant lying and flip flopping.

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