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Originally Posted by snowbird View Post
You failed to answer my questions, and failed to provide any logic to try to refute my facts.
You didn't ask any questions and you don't understand logic. You're facts as always, are irrelevant to the conversation.

Originally Posted by snowbird View Post
But, since I'd never heard of John Stormer, thanks for bringing him to my attention. He sounds like a good guy: conservative Christian, veteran of the USAF during the Korean War, heterosexual still married to his first wife long after half a wonder you lefties dislike him.
Like you, he's a head case. The Communists were in the highest offices in our government and in the military. They were on the verge of taking over, it was going to happen any day if we didn't wake up. There were only three kinds of people in his world.There were Communist, Communist dupes, and people who agreed with him. That was in the mid Sixties. I wonder if he's still waiting for the Communists to take over. Insert Muslim for Communist and it's the same fallacious argument you're making.
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