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Originally Posted by HexHead View Post
The next debate will be a town hall style affair at Hofstra University on Long Island, where the questions will come from the audience. Expect it to favor 0bama with the questions coming from leftists and college students. I expect the questions to basically be a round up of all the 0bama attack ads against Romney.
I wonder if they will be able to review the questions in advance. Even with the Town Hall format, its all pre-screened. I think that is what got Obama last time. He is good at reading pre-written stuff but he stinks at thinking on his toes.

This next one is on Foriegn Affairs, and I think Obama "should" have an edge since he is the sitting president, but Romney may impress us again.

The VP debate I am going to block out that night and sit and watch it with beer and chips. With Biden's loose lips and crazy brain, its going to be a train wreck.
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