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Originally Posted by collim1 View Post
I am interested in an Arsenal. Problem is there are tons of models to choose from and I dont know which one I should get.

Looking to spend under $1k. Dont mind a stamped receiver. Just looking for basic features in a reliable, well built rifle.

The model numbers Arsenal uses are mind boggling. I have been on their website for an hour and still cant make heads or tails of it.

Any help?
The "stamped" receiver guns are actually thought to last longer than the milled, as they resist "cracking". I have yet to see a miled receiver crack but that's the internet rumor. In addition, they are much lighter than a milled gun. I have the SGL2161, which is stamped receiver, Warsaw length 7.62x39 black furniture. It is their cheaper gun (if there is such) but is Russian receiver never the less. This is an excellent gun and in a common caliber that hits hard.
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