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Originally Posted by James Dean View Post
I get something different out of this. I think the AG is trying to protect the police by saying its okay to stop and ask questions if you see someone with a gun. Is it wrong? I don't know. Time will tell. Sometimes a little corporation goes along way, as well as a little *** kissing at a traffic stop.
Excellent point. In Florida (and elsewhere) the only difference between commiting the CRIME of illegally carry a concealed weapon, and being in complete accordance with the law and thus LEGALLY carrying a concealed weapon, is that little plastic card the State issues to the carrier.

The LEO doesn't know which case he is dealing with until they see the 'card'. A LEO should have the right to ask to see the card. And... a lawful CCW carrier should have no problem politely showing it to them.

I think anyone who has spent time in the LE profession can understand that. And, I would also think that any lawful carrier would prefer that those carrying concealed handguns be the same law-abiding and properly licensed citizen that they are.

The only way to find out is to see the 'card'.
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