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Originally Posted by G19G20 View Post
And as expected, a pointless attack of the messenger entirely unrelated to the message of the post itself. Thanks for the bump though PawDog!
When you deliver an actual message worth responding to, we will argue for/against it. But so far all I see is the same tired, old, dis-proven crap you put in all of your threads.

Sorry YOU can't see the difference between O and R, but 98.9% of use here apparently can. Oh I forgot. . We are brainwashed idiot and you are the only one here with clarity of vision and understanding.

I'm sick of your crap. With every thread you insult every person here by implying that we are idiots who "just don't get it" and you're the effing genius. While in reality you're the one who lacks the ability for a LONG TERM vision as to how to turn things around.

Obama has sliced our nation's wrists and we are dying as a country and as an economy, and you're worried about a hangnail.

Don't care about your stupid nearsighted self-serving opinion. All you have proven to me is that you don't care if America gets destroyed by the current crop of communist who making up this administration. As long as you get your way that is all that matters to you.

You just went on my ignore list. . .
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The urge to save humanity is almost always a false-face for the urge to rule it.
- H. L. Mencken -

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