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Originally Posted by kensb2 View Post
I find it curious how Cassell had a great season with the Patriots the year that Brady suffered his knee injury. He goes to KC, and he sucks? What was so different in NE? Was it the ability of the coach, the type of offense run, better players? What say you, Chiefs fans?
All of the above. The Offensive line doesn't do a good job, probably insufficient coaching as well as second class talent.
Running backs turn the ball over for opponents scores more often that they score themselves.

Defense is constantly out of position to make a play, particularly on pass defense, and have to rely on holding and illegal contact to even begin to be in a play. Mostly coaching and lack of good defense strategy skills on the coaching side, and mixed with mediocre player skills.

As KC showed in the 60's and early 70's, a good quarterback can look stellar when the team around him is exceptional.

ETA: As opposed to today's KC team, that shows a good quarterback look like crap with a mediocre team. As the Chiefs showed in the late 70's and 80's, a great quarterback does not make a decent team great.

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