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Originally Posted by GreenDrake View Post
Stupid and sad at the same time. Doubt it was anything to do with the bugs. I have eaten cockroaches, big North Carolina ones, they aren't that bad unless they aren't totally dead when you swallow them. Had a First Sgt. try to one up us when we were eating bugs in the field one time, he had a giant one, like four incher...he was holding it up to show it off as he ate ran down his throat for him. Talk about wretching for an hour. Too funny.

Those big NC grubs from the swamps of Camp Lejeune were worse, slimy and nasty. Black beetles taste like corn nuts. Grasshoppers are yummy and some ants taste like licorice.
That gets a Jim Varny "eww" face.
Fleece it out, dinkin' flicka.
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