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Originally Posted by blk69stang View Post
I love numbers, because math doesn't lie.

Every time I read an article by some tinfoil-hatter about all the .40 cal hollowpoint ammo that DHS is buying and how this is proof the .gov is plotting to wage war on the American people, I am able to prove MATHEMATICALLY that the conspiracy theorist is a loon.

These guys have no idea the level of waste that the Federal government is capable of. Weapons qualification accounts for all of this ammo. "But why premium hollowpoint ammo for quals? Why not just qual with cheap ball ammo?" Easy: because if they give out cheap ball ammo, there are plenty of officers who aren't "gun people" and will end up shooting the HP ammo at qual and carrying the ball ammo on duy, for whatever reason.

So here's the math:

There are 57,000 sworn DHS LE officers (USBP, CBP OFO, CBP OAM, Fed Protective Service, ICE, and Secret Service) plus 42000 active duty Coast Guard, for a total CONSERVATIVE ESTIMATE of 99,000 people that have to qual with a pistol (and DHS uses .40 S&W almost exclusively).

Now, consider that each firearm carrying officer must qualify four times a year, and that at each qual the officer is usually issued 250 rounds. That's 1,000 rounds of ammo PER OFFICER PER YEAR. DHS-wide, that comes out to 99 million rounds of ammo per year for the Department as a whole.

So, we then divide 1.5 billion (that's 15 followed by eight zeroes) divided by 99 million (99 followed by six zeroes) and the result is how many years that the ammo purchase would last at this estimated consumption rate. That comes out to 15.5 years. Sure, it's a big purchase, but buying in volume nets the Department big savings. Considering that the financial future of the Federal Government is anything but certain right now, I'd say that a 15 year supply of ammo is very reasonable considering the looming budget cuts in the near future.

I would think that the headline would be much less sensational if it said "DHS Buys 15 years worth of ammo".

Now, if they were buying TRILLIONS of rounds of ammo, I'd start to get worried.
Thank you! I was just about to post that, although you said it better. Much ado about nothing.
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