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It is incredible to me that some folks can actually hold in their head the notion that the Federal Governement is too big and powerful, and yet think they can fix this by electing someone to the top office because he is principled and will stick to that philosophy,

But if he sticks the principles how can he fix things when he is being smaller and less powerful?

It really smacks of the leftist idea that "rights come from the Government", these particular idealogues do not realize that while they chant "power to the people" they are expecting someone in the highest office to GIVE them that power, as if power came from Government.

The way to disempower the Executive Branch, and the rest of the Federal government is to not be dependent on it to solve all of your problems and ESPECIALLY when it is the problem you want to solve. You simply reduce it's significance. By letting your cities and Counties and States look to the Fed for solutions you are putting the chains on yourselves, and you think electing a new "Massa" will take them off.

Silly children, looking to the source of the problem for the answer to the problem.
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