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Originally Posted by IvanVic View Post
If that's your position, then that is perfectly reasonable (although I don't agree with it).

However, when it plays out in the mind of a republican, this thinking usually turns into those "many" administrations you mentioned as being all of the liberal ones, and the opposite would be true for a democrat who abides by this mentality. So this person who is sometimes skeptical of the numbers can just turn out to be a partisan that trusts or distrusts the numbers whenever it makes their party look good. I find that to be the case most of the time, but there are always exceptions.
Since the day, as a teenager, I realized how the stats we gathered and measured I have never placed any faith in their accuracy no matter which party was in power. they may reflect a trend and be a small corner of the whole picture, But, IMO less than a 1.5% change is "withing the margin of manipulation", even of the incomplete picture they represent.
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