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Originally Posted by CarryTexas View Post
I hope for a repeat of #1, but I am sure BHO will be much better prepared.
He can be better prepared in the intervening days. But he cannot be smarter than what he is right now. He cannot get an understanding of capitalism or the Constitution in a week. He is up against a man that has deep, intimate knowledge of both. Romney has lived it for his 60 odd years. You just can't take the Marxism out of a person in a week or so. It's ingrained.

Originally Posted by Sgt127 View Post
I'm kind of hoping his crew gets him really cranked up, tells him to be aggressive, stand your ground etc. And, he will get mad and frustrated and twist off on national TV.
He can get cranked up (no pun intended) but that only works in a bar or family argument. These debates are intellectual exercises and he is unarmed.

Romney by 8 touchdowns.
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