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Originally Posted by MrMurphy View Post
That new STG-45 in .22LR.

You'll never own a real one. I've handled and shot a real one. The .22 version, aside from a tiny weight difference (maybe a pound?) and the mag having a slot in it, is a clone.

They're also fun.
^^ agreed one of these or many others on the market for some range fun with the SON /FAMILY would be really cool. I had a similar option and some say I was dumb for my choice and some say good job..I was looking at a Anniversary present back when they had those Sig P6's for like $349...wife even gave me the OK but instead I got a .22 Pistol(spent the same amount $350) But I did it because it was something more than just something I wanted just for was something that my Son also loves to shoot...I cant load mags fast enough for him. so I also say grab the .22 of your choice and get it out with the kid and have a blast.

Some guys thought I was nuts passing on the P6(sometimes I look back and think so also...) but I also KNOW that that .22 pistol went a long way to getting the kid into shooting and really liking it. Next up is just what you are looking at for us..we want a .22 version of something lol..A AR/M4 platform, one of those Ruger 10/22 conversions, aMP5 style or well...what ever will be fun and cheap at the range!

I went out and finally got the toy I wanted a M1 its time for something the kid can enjoy also!

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