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Originally Posted by Glock&KimberLady View Post
Debates only showcase who is the more glib speaker. I stand by my assertion that a politician is a person who will do or say anything you want them to just to get into office...whereupon, they will then do or say whatever they want.
I might replace 'glib' with 'prepared', but yeah.

That being said, I may have an extremely rare bit of wine so I can laugh my ass into heart failure at the trainwreck that will be the VP debate. *grins in anticipation*
I doubt you'll even need the wine...

...since I live at 2600 feet and spend my weekends at 5000+, doing hard physical exercise no less.

I live at 6200' and work and play at 8-10K frequently! Nobody has ever accused me of being an idi... oh wait.

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