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Originally Posted by CBennett View Post
^^ agreed one of these or many others on the market for some range fun with the SON /FAMILY would be really cool.

This is definately a major factor on my list. The only .22 I have right now is a Buckmark I got decades ago now. Great shooter, cheap and easy. It's what I taught my wife on and what I'll teach my son on.

He's only 19 months, so he has some growing to do, but some of my fondest memories were sitting on Sundays with my dad and taking out his lever-action .22.

My wife keeps pushing me to pick up something for my son (don't we all wish we had those kinda problems?), but I keep getting stuck on the details.

What is he going to like in 8 years? Is he gonna want a tactical space gun .22? Something more vintage? Or is it more about spending time with the old man?

Decisions, decisions.
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