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Originally Posted by Dragoon44 View Post
One thing to bear in mind about whatever the Florida AG has to say.

The FLorida AG has opinions and that is all. unlike many other states the Fl AG has no authority whatsoever over Fl LE agencies and cannot dictate policies for LE.

The Ag's role in Fl is strictly advisory with no legal weight behind the advisory.
Originally Posted by Dragoon44 View Post
You re mostly right. the author of the article has blown the thing way out of proportion. Bondi's statements were part of a legal brief in a case before the Florida Supreme Court not directive for policy for LEO (Which the Florida AG has no authority to do anyway.)
But even in an advisory capacity, could not those LEA choose to follow his advisory...especially if they are somewhat anti-gun? It may not provide 100% cover, but through litigation, they could say they were following the advice of the AG; thus potentially releasing them from violating ones right?

IMHO, problem is, if the case is upheld, it creates bad case law. Hence, why the Florida Open Carry filed their brief.

It reminds me of the cliche': Guilty till proven innocent.

This brings back another conversation recently discussed. I know a LEO in my area who makes it a point to tell people 'if you don't tell my you have a firearm concealed; you will spend time in cuffs and the back seat/station until "I" figure it out. It could take hours.' Our state is not required disclosure state.

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