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The subject matter is going to kill Obama in the next debate. The only topic where Obama is weaker than domestic economics and taxes is foreign policy.

The Libya debacle ALONE gives Romney enough ammo to crucify OBH, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

1) Benghazi attack and the resultant 2 week cover-up during which the Administration repeatedly claimed it was just a riot gone wrong when in fact they had been informed within 24 hours that it was a coordinated terrorist attack.

2) Fast and Furious

3) The distinct deterioration of American influence throughout the Middle East and the utter failure of Obama's 'apology tour' throughout the region as well as his "lead from the rear" approach to the 'Arab Spring'.

4) The near re-ignition of a Cold War with Russia.

5) President's decision NOT to support Democracy protesters in Iran.

Obama can bring his "A" game, but he doesn't have anything positive under his belt except the killing of OBL, and even that has controversy around it as his role is openly disputed by many of the Navy SEALS and intelligence officers involved.
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