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Just for information Ruger 10/22 TD

I have had mine for 6 weeks now and have just an impression to share.

I have never been a 10/22 fan (yes I know everybody loves them) even though I have ended up with a blued ans a stainless versionn' (I have over 20 .22s, sort of a "thing' with me) I just never cared for the fit of the stock and always felt the accuracy was well behind some of my older "classics" and I did not feel like tricking one out to get there.

Well I saw the first TD to show up at my LGS and was in a "what the heck?" mood. After 6 meeks I an firmly convinced that it is actually much more accurate than either of my old models, the stock fits me better, I like the larger mag release, oh yah, there is the takedown feature and the neat bag the comes with it. To boot, mine loves the cheap CCI blazer ammo

I think there is a good chance it is going to become my "handy" .22 rifle around the place.
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