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Originally Posted by LSUAdman View Post
Every year I take a little money and pick myself up a little gift for Christmas.
Again, I am going for fun and non-practical.

3) Lever action in .357 - I've never owned a lever gun and have been feeling them up a lot lately. I like pistol caliber weapons and really enjoy .357/.38sp. I could be swayed by a Mare's Leg as well. ~$400-$700 Suggestions?

What's behind door #3 sounds good to me. I don't think I'd do the Mare's Leg just because I'd rather have an SBR lever gun! No can do where I live so I think it'd be a hoot to have a lever gun with a 16.5 bbl. I've never owned one either. I think a lever gun is actually more practical than I'd like to admit. You know, revolver calibers, a cinch to reload ammo for, light weight and easy to handle, doesn't look like one of those 'evil' black rifles, could be used for CAS etc., etc. I think I'd add a can to the end of mine as well. There. Maybe not practical but a barrel of fun.

Enjoy Christmas!!

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