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Originally Posted by WiskyT View Post
This. Dippers are very precise. They are slow, but they are precise. The dippers need to be calibrated though. The Lee dippers ...

...Anybody who says dippers aren't precise doesn't have a proper understanding of the place that precision has in reloading.
I can appreciate yours and other's can-do attitude and the ability to make something useful (even accurate) out of scraps of cases and sticks with mundane tools no more complex than a file, and running to a friend's house and playing with scales and files all evening to make it happen - but if I had to make 1/10, nay... 1/100 that effort, just for the privilege of having a system that's capable of producing perhaps less than 1/100 of what I need, I most certainly wouldn't have taken up reloading.

As someone said earlier, and to me at least... these techniques are best left for the apocalypse. Perhaps we'll see this on future installments of "Revolution".

I think I am happy that I wasn't 'here' for the good old days.
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