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Originally Posted by HEXE9 View Post
Two weeks ago I picked up the new Surefire X300 Ultra...500 Lumens of Weaponlight Goodness!

Sights, Optics and Lasers

You'd have to see the performance to believe it, a throw monster with crazy spill. At 25' the spill is 45' wide, yet has no problem lighting up objects 400'+ away.

SF says it leans slightly toward the green spectrum to be optimized for human vision, to my eyes and compared to all my lights, it is a perfect white tint with a clean beam.

The toggle switch is smooth and flawless, the build quality is as you'd expect from Surefire, and the fit on my Glocks is perfect.

Before adding the light, this 21SF had 6200 rounds through it without a single glitch, and another 640 rounds since adding the light.

Cor-Bon 185g +P DPX = 40 rds.
Winchester Ranger RA45TP = 50 rds
Blazer Brass 230g = 100 rds
Blazer Aluminum 230g = 100 rds
Federal 230g = 100 rds
Reloads 230g Zero Bullet = 250 rds

I owned two of the X300's and they were great lights, but the new X300 Ultra just upped the ante pretty heavy!
Looks great man. Where did you pick up the ultra? I'm still waiting for mine to come in.
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