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Originally Posted by ccoprdc View Post
My 1st and most used is a Gen 2 G22, but I obtained a G17 a few weeks
back and am working on breaking it in to use as well. The guys at the gun
shop were calling me silly/dumb for not getting the 34 or 35 instead of
the 17.
When I first started GSSF, I bought my G34, thinking that would be the ticket (although it limited me to Am Comp, so I used my G22 for Am Civ). Flash forward to now - I find that the G17 that I traded into seems to shoot better than my G34 (in GSSF and Steel Challenge) and gives me better scores. Call me crazy....

As Danny said, the G17 is one of the best choices for GSSF - shoot it for now and save your pennies to pick up a G34 (or G35) later on.

PS: I still love my G34, so it isn't going anywhere.
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