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Originally Posted by jdavionic View Post
Why? Are you incapable of making your own assessment? Who are you voting for and why do you believe they are the best and most viable choice?

It's not up to us to convince you. You're a big boy. Do you own damn assessment.
Oh no, I'm not saying that my mind is made up and yes I have done my homework.

"Romney is the only one that can beat Obama"

"I don't like Romney either; but I'll hold my nose and vote for him over Obama."

"Romney is better than Obama."

Et cetera ad nauseam..... It's been a pretty familiar theme this election season, to the point that we are voting for a Liberal progressive (D.) vs. a Liberal Progressive (R.)

I am asking the people that are telling me that myself and everyone else considering a third party are obligated to vote for Romney, to explain why I should vote for Romney without referencing Obama.

Yes, if my only two options were Obama or Romney, I would vote Romney. I have more than two choices.

I am asking anyone that supports Romney to make a sales pitch on Romney alone. Sale me on the republican brand this election season... by only using the republican brand; if you can't do it that's fine, just say so.

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