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Originally Posted by JW1178 View Post
Why do people think that BHO was off his game last debate? Go look at it again, he came out swinging. That wasn't the issue. The issue was that he ran into someone who could actually debate and really wants to beat him. Any mediocre fighter looks like a total beast when fighting an amature. Kind of like Mike Tyson. People thought he was this unstoppable beast until he met someone who could actually stop him. Lets see, who was Obama's most fierce competitor? Hillary Clinton was probably it.

Will Obama bring it? Yes, but I don't think Obama has it to bring. I often wonder if Obama is so confident that he thinks these debates don't matter. He is confident to the point of arrogance. I think he thinks that the media has his back and promise of handouts and stealing from the rich as well as the minority vote will get him in office. He might be right, but he could be wrong.

I also think Romney (if he wins) will be a much better president than people expect as well. Face it, Reagan was a Democrat, a liberal actor, that switched parties because he was anti-communists. I was too young back then, but I know of a lot of people who were old enough back then and they said a lot of people said that Reagan was a plant from the Democrats to ensure that they got the election and could be tough on the USSR without being held responsible.
Erhm...what debate were you watching?

Swinging? Obama came mouthing platitudes and looking, by turns, smug and then increasingly irritated. After about three questions, Mr. GKL and I looked at each other and said, "Is he gonna ANSWER the question?" Tell all the stories you want about your grandma, if it's not relevant to the question at hand, it looks like you're out of your depth...and he clearly was.

He essentially spent that debate looking like a chastened teenager who got caught stealing twenty bucks out of his dad's wallet. I was embarrassed for the man, and that says a lot.

At one point, I wondered where Obama's arrogant pompous chin flick he's perfected went. Usually he uses that when he's attempting to look Presidential, and it was nowhere in evidence. Probably because he was getting his ass handed to him by his competitor. Jesus, even Obama's OWN PARTY admitted he looked like crap up there!

With the chaos going on today, as tsmo so eloquently put it point-by-point, even with a sympathetic moderator and hand-picked questioners, the next debate will be similarly flat, uninspiring, and painful.

However, the VP debate will be an absolute laugh riot, and I'm looking forward to THAT with great anticipation. Ryan is a bull mastiff in chinos and he's going to woodchipper up poor Front Porch Joe.
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