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Originally Posted by The Maggy View Post
Oh no, I'm not saying that my mind is made up and yes I have done my homework.

"Romney is the only one that can beat Obama"

"I don't like Romney either; but I'll hold my nose and vote for him over Obama."

"Romney is better than Obama."

Et cetera ad nauseam..... It's been a pretty familiar theme this election season, to the point that we are voting for a Liberal progressive (D.) vs. a Liberal Progressive (R.)

I am asking the people that are telling me that myself and everyone else considering a third party are obligated to vote for Romney, to explain why I should vote for Romney without referencing Obama.

Yes, if my only two options were Obama or Romney, I would vote Romney. I have more than two choices.

I am asking anyone that supports Romney to make a sales pitch on Romney alone. Sale me on the republican brand this election season... by only using the republican brand; if you can't do it that's fine, just say so.

You show me how voting for a third party candidate, who can't get elected, is going to keep the water out of your boot?
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