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OK, I'll play

We are in an economic mess. Romney is a successful businessman with a history on good analysis skills.

I believe him when he says he won't sign any gun control bills IF they are sent to him

He has shown, in his personal life to be a compassionate man.

I share his view of a strong America internationally.

I agree with him that private business being able to hire more people is a better way of improving the econmy, than taking more money away from the private sector and handing it out.

I agree with his notion, put forth in the debate, that health care is best left up to the States, thereby giving a nod to State's right AND states Responsibility. It seems to be a clear message that he doesn't look to the Federal Government as the answer to everything.

I do not agree with his religion, per say, but I like the idea of a candidate that comes from a faith that teaches self-reliance and preparedness. It is a philosophy of self-responsibility.

How's that?

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