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Originally Posted by Kablam View Post
Why do you keep trying to get people to convince you of why they want to vote for Romney? You have made up your mind and now continue to denegrate those that have done the same. The choice is between the guy that's in and somebody else. Why do you insist that people make the decision without considering all the options? It's a really childish line of thinking. Most thinking people compare the candidates and make a choice. Voting against something is viable when one thinks that is the best reason to choose.
I played along or the heck of it, but you are right. Some people do not really like the idea of a two-party system, and do not like the idea of comparing and figuring out which of two is better. they want everyone to vote individually.....that way we can elect a President with a 10% plurality and their low-draw whacko candidates will have a chance. Of course the thought of a President coming from a 10% voter base scares me, as do supporters of the idea.

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