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Originally Posted by The Maggy View Post
not really arrogant, I just don't get caught up in the "Us or Them" mentality that seems to be growing with every election.

Arrogance, to me, is repeatedly telling someone that they are obligated to vote for a chosen party or candidate, no other options, and the constant berating of anyone that attempts to discuss the ideas or viewpoints of a third party candidate.

I am tired of "vote for the lesser of two evils because the country is going to end if I don't!" Bush/Clinton, Clinton/Dole, Bush/Gore, Bush/Kerry, Obama/McCain, and now Obama/Romney and now if I elect Romney the republicans promise to put up a better candidate after Romney is out? Not likely, electing Romney moves the Republicans another couple of steps to the left.
No, you may not like the label but you're arrogant. You're presuming that people are incapable of making up their own minds using what you deem to be the right criteria without your guidance. That's arrogant.
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