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A concept that has been lost today.

i was fortunate enough to grow up in a place with a LE community that dominate regiona PPC competition. I knew many of the shooters and their gunsmith took the time to teach me the ins and outs of the S&W revolver action.I also had a friend whos was a former Marine and was an FBI agent that went around with the regional "on site" training teams. I have an affinity for the 25yd line

It amazes me to see people "testing" a handgun at 7 or even 12 yards and pronouncing it "accurate" ??? they spend majotr money on guns guaranteed to shoot into 2" at 25 yds, then they go out and shoot a baseball-cap sized group at 12 yards and claim the gun is "laser accurate"

These folks would be downright "punked" shooting against some of the regional PPC shooters of 40 years ago at 25 yds.

Our guns may have become better but we have missed the importance of the Indian in fawning over the bow and looking for the perfect arrow.
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